Venice Baby

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Venice Baby Cute as a Bunny Art Cut Out

Our Venice Baby Bunny is printed and mounted on hand layered recycled cardboard (Hint: Old Cereal and Pizza Boxes) accomplishing a wood like thickness and weight.  Signed, Shulamith 
Cute as A Bunny comes ready to hang by black ribbon or may be otherwise hung, as seen above on a pretty headboard.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Venice Baby Bib Necklace! A.K.A. "The Bibi".. For Your Habibti!

"The Bibi" (pronounced BeeBee) by Venice Baby
Our Bibi is comprised of  fine grograine, Indian voile, and antique crystal with wire.  It is tatters of elegance that are fetching, but unaffected.  We employ sewing trills and are liberal with whim.  
"The Bibi" ... 48.00

A Smather of Venice Baby Lighting at Vignette!

Venice Baby Lighting at Vignette!!!! Canvas Cylinder Loft Style Chandliers

550.00 for Pair

                                                 The frames of this pair of Cylindric Chandeliers are hand made of wrapped wires.  The wrinkled, lightly dyed, heavy linen is finished at bottoms by three pale loops each of grograine.  As always, I recommend 40 watts or less.  Not only are low wattage bulbs safer, for such pieces they are far more aesthetically agreeable.

Venice Baby at Vignette! Canvas Chandelier!


Venice Baby at Vignette! A Funky Stocking Display!